March 17, 2018

Sphere Calcite Blue

The sphere represents unity, completeness, infinity - the whole universe. Crystal spheres may be used to increase self awareness and a powerful mind. They may be used for gazing, aura cleansing, meditation, rituals or as adornment to a room.

The crystal sphere emits energy in all directions equally unique to the type of stone being used. These make a useful tool to perceive a complete picture (of self or situations) - moving energy around and through the entire environment.

A gemstone sphere is also used to enhance and emit the energy of the inherent properties of the stone.

Blue calcite is especially calming and soothing. Having blue calcite in the environment is great for calming frayed nerves, and makes you aware of needs for rest. It is an excellent stone for students. It helps retain lessons learned and amplifies learning, communication, and thought, and enhances decision making.
It brings this quality to life through its ability to help you see more clearly what path will lead you to happiness. It also assists in remembering astral travel and channeling experiences.

Product Code: SphCalB
Dimensions: 3.93cm
Weight: 100 gram

Price: $14.00
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